Multimedia Arts and Design

RUFA and DIGITALIVE, together also for 2020

And now all we have to do is wait until May 18 to understand what the project that will catapult RUFA and in particular the Master of Arts course in Multimedia Arts and Design within the 2020 edition of the Romaeuropa Festival will be.

In the last few days the direction of the important event announced the presence of the students supervised by the coordinator Caterina Tomeo with the experience “RUFA VR PROJECT ROOM”, within the DIGITALIVE exhibition that, as planned, should take place between 2 and 4 October 2020.

The official communication came from Federica Patti, artistic curator of this section dedicated to multimedia performing arts. DIGITALIVE wants to be a window on a world in continuous movement, animated by artistic innovation and emerging creativity. As usual, the event, at the moment in temporary form due to emergency Covid-19, has attracted the attention of many artists, eager to make the event, scheduled in the spaces of the Mattatoio, unique and different from other contexts. Romaeuropa Festival, in general, and DIGITALIVE in particular, are multicultural agora in which generations and languages, technologies and ideas seek and chase each other.

A few more days and the RUFA projects will be able to manifest themselves in all their essence: yet another success for the Multimedia Arts and Design course.