Fine Arts

Raid Federica Baggio’s project that goes beyond the artist

A RUFA graduate, Federica Baggio, a project called Raid, the cultural hub of Dolomiti Contemporanee, the ex Eni village of Borca di Cadore and the usual desire to travel the new paths of art.

Raid is a “site specific” project that aims to implement a process of “reconstitution”. An evolutionary path is thus shaped through the creation of a garden that extends its limits autonomously, from a sensitive rather than intellectual point of view, to give form and substance to an olfactory, tactile, visual and emotional microclimate that reveals the “place” as not underlying but including the self.

Raid is constituted of the study, theoretical and field, of the specific conditions of space, light, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure: for the first 12 months of Project Raid, in the dormitory on the 1st floor of Pavilion F2, a meteorological data station will be installed in order to obtain data and be able to analyze them continuously through the seasons, drawing a realistic and complete overview. At the same time, the various solutions to be prepared so that the life of the garden is perpetuated in an autonomous manner will be examined. All this will be documented by diaries, photos and videos of the entire process. By imagining the creation of a garden in one of the ex dormitories of the Colony, we want to instil a condition of change in the Place so that it enters a new phase of its reality, of its history. A peaceful and curative invasion of plant and phytotherapeutic species that, growing within the architecture, contribute to regenerate the spirit of those who cross this space.

“It prefigures – Federica Baggio says – the possibility of an invasion, change, expansion of this garden to the entire pavilion, until the reunification with the forest outside. The plant species selected by me all have traditionally officinal properties because my process of creation focuses on the implementation of the healing and restorative function of this garden on all levels, thinking of a peaceful invasion that, growing in the dormitory, regenerates the space, but above all the spirit. So that, under a new face, the genius loci of an architecture born for the human being in nature, pursues a new anti-utopia of human being as nature. Project Raid was born with me, but will become without me; I recognize it as a world of its own projected into the future”.