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RUFA, riprendono i live talk su Instagram: il 12 giugno Mirka Andolfo

Continuing with the project launched last May, with the aim of expanding the concept of creativity beyond the physical barrier driven by quarantine, RUFA has scheduled a second wave of live talk involving the Academy’s online communication channels and especially the Instagram @rufa_university profile. Comparing the characters of the national art system was therefore a winning gamble that, now in the form of an interview, is ready to remix itself, so as to seal a restart also ideative.

As already happened with ZeroCalcare, it is the course of Graphic design – Comics and illustration that takes the lion’s share. The next 12 June at 3:00 p.m., Mirka Andolfo will be the first protagonist of this cycle of meetings, obviously open to everyone and planned with the dual objective of making known the potential of RUFA – Experience in relation to those who have transformed contemporaneity into a reason for living.

Illustrator and writer of Neapolitan origin, Mirka Andolfo is considered one of the most complete and eclectic Italian authors in the international field. Her new series “Mercy”, was be published almost simultaneously in Italy (Panini Comics), France (Éditions Glénat) and the United States (Image Comics).
His “ControNatura” is one of the most successful Italian series in recent years: published in the United States by “Image Comics” under the title of “Unnatural”, it is a sales champion with several reprints to its credit. The stars and stripes series joins the Spanish, French, German, Polish, Mexican, Czech, Bulgarian and (soon) Brazilian versions.
Andolfo has lent his pencil for magazines like “Wonder Woman”, “Harley Quinn”, “Catwoman”, “Bombshells”, “Teen Titans”, “Green Arrow”, “R.W.B.Y.” and “Hex Wives”. She creates graphically (on texts by Sylvain Runberg) the new series “Les Chroniques d’Under York”. She writes stories for The Amazing World of Gumball and illustrated two issues of the award-winning series “Ms. Marvel”.
As a cartoonist she has signed comics for Dynamite and Aspen, as well as some short stories for Vertigo, DC Young Animal, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Valiant, Zenescope. In 2015 she designed a story that appeared on “Dylan Dog Color Fest”. As colourist she has worked on covers and comics such as “Geronimo Stilton”, “Adventure Time”, “Ice Age”, “Peanuts” and other series and volumes published all over the world. During her collaboration with “Topolino” she has coloured numerous covers (including the historical cover of issue 3000), working with authors of the calibre of Giorgio Cavazzano, Corrado Mastantuono and Fabio Celoni.

The theme on which the live talk will focus is “America! Conquering the States”. The meeting in fact intends to retrace the author’s career in the United States, focusing on her path as a complete author, able to take her characters overseas (Unnatural, Mercy). A unique case in the Italian comics scene.