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RUFA – Experience nel segno di Instagram

Talk and live performance Instagram to broadcast the RUFA – Experience to those who feed on art. This is the scenario that has led the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Mur, to plan a series of activities that, starting from social activities, can contribute to nourish the sense of belonging and identity to the international art – system. The lack of culture, understood from the point of view of the cancellation of exhibitions or events, cannot be used as an alibi, but must serve to open more than one reflection, in the awareness that it is necessary to rethink the present in order to evoke a future. It is a comparison to which everyone can contribute, both in terms of the most instinctive and the most reasoned aspects, in a perfect dualism between action and thought.

RUFA has chosen its Instagram @rufa_university account to give shape and substance to this discussion, confronting experts and artists, teachers and perfomers, in an always innovative and never trivial formula, already tested last May with the live broadcast that, among others, involved ZeroCalcare and Daniele Ciprì. There are four appointments that in the next three weeks will involve practically all the Academy’s courses.

On Friday 12 June, starting at 3.00 pm, Mirka Andolfo will perform a live drawing performance. Illustrator and writer of Neapolitan origin: she is considered one of the most complete and eclectic Italian authors in the international field. Her new series “Mercy”, has been published almost simultaneously in Italy (Panini Comics), France (Éditions Glénat) and the United States (Image Comics). Title of the meeting: “America! Conquering the States”.

On Monday 22 June, from 6.30 pm, Fiorenza Pinna and Laia Abril will discuss the theme Contemporary photography and photobooks. Laia Abril is a multidisciplinary artist, able to make the textual contents interact with photography, video art and sound. She has signed, among others, “Thinspiration” (2012), “The Epilogue” (Dewi Lewis, 2014), T “ediousphilia” (Musée de l’Elysée, 2014), “Lobismuller” (RM, 2016). His works have been exhibited all over the world: Musée de l’Elysée, Fotomuseum Winterthur, FRAC, MNAC, FotoColectania.

On Wednesday 24th June, at 6.30 pm, Caterina Tomeo will speak with Nicola Ratti in an appointment of the training course Safe and Sound. Musician and sound designer, Nicola Ratti is the artist of the five continents. His events have taken place in Europe, North America, Russia and Japan. An endless list of places and meetings, contacts and relationships that, in the form of experiences, can be found in his performances. In 2019 he released his latest album: “Continental”.

Thursday 2nd July, again at 18.30, Claudio Spuri will debate with Alice Pasquini and UNO on street – art themes with a comparison entitled Tales behind the walls. Pasquini, aka Alicè, is a contemporary artist whose works are exhibited on urban surfaces, in galleries and museums in hundreds of cities around the world. UNO lives and works in Rome and his preference, since his first experiences on the street, are posters, the repetition of iconic elements, collages, decoupage and stencils.