Photography and Audiovisual

Contemporary photography and photobooks, we talk about it with Laia Abril and Fiorenza Pinna

On Monday 22nd June, at 18.30, RUFA teacher Fiorenza Pinna and the artist Laia Abril will discuss, on the Instagram @rufa_university account, the theme Contemporary photography and photobooks.
Laia Abril is a photographer and spanish artist. She has collaborated with the magazine “Colors” and has exhibited her works in the United States, China, Switzerland, Italy and other countries. She published the books “The epilogue” (Dewi Lewis, 2014), “Tediousphilia” (Musée de l’Elysée 2014) “Lobismuller” (RM, 2016) and “On abortion” (Dewi Lewis 2017). The latter represents a kind of milestone: a multimedia investigation into the risks and consequences of illegal abortion.

Moving between past and present, Laia Abril superbly balances the artistic and the journalistic side in a precise, meticulous, unscreamed-for narrative that between images, testimonies and audio recordings illuminates the various facets of the arguments she faces. One of the projects on which she worked the longest is “A History of Misogyny”, awarded in 2016 with the “Arles-Prix de la photo Madame Figaro”. The same work was awarded the “Visionary Award” in 2018. In 2019 and 2020, the “Magnum Foundation” and the “2020 FOAM Paul-Huf Award” were added to this prestigious list.

She defines herself as “a multidisciplinary artist”, able to make the textual contents interact with photography, video art and sound. In each of her works she gives form and substance to a contamination between art and photojournalism, in a personal and intense path between adherence to the facts, which remains impeccable, and the evocative power of narrative that leads to reflection. For some time now she has concentrated her efforts on an artistic project entitled “On rape culture”.