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RUFA, un live talk dedicato al racconto della street art

Tales behind the walls is the title of the live talk that will take place next July 2, starting at 6.30 pm on the Instagram @rufa_university account. On the one hand the teacher Claudio Spuri, on the other hand two of the most famous representatives of street art, Alicè and UNO.

Alice Pasquini, in art Alicè, is an Italian street artist, illustrator and scenographer. She graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, completing her studies in Spain with a master’s degree in art criticism at the Complutense University (2004) and an animation course at the Ars Animation School in Madrid. A multifaceted artist, he experimented with different techniques, genres and expressive media. She is one of the few female exponents internationally established among the protagonists of the street art movement. Her works range from small interventions on street furniture to large murals. Her research ranges from the narration of female vitality, far from the stereotype woman-object, to installations with the use of unusual materials. Her works can be seen in various cities where she has been called upon to create public works commissioned by the state: Sydney, Moscow, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Oslo, New York, Buenos Aires, Yogyakarta, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Saigon, Rome and Naples. Among his projects stands out “Under Layers” the first 3D street art experiment realized in Ostia (Rm) in 2015, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome. Since 2015 Alice has been involved in the rediscovery and enhancement of the ancient centre of Civitacampomarano and as artistic director of the CVTà Street Fest since 2016. She has exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, the American Embassy in Rome, the MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, the Mutuo Centro de Arte Barcelona, the Espace Pierre Cardin and is included in the Treccani encyclopedia.

UNO lives and works in Rome and expresses himself in the classical forms of street art and muralism. Accepting and updating the lessons of Warhol, Debord and Rotella, UNO plays with the advertising technique and changes its sign. Starting from the face symbol of the famous advertising of a chocolate, it makes it an icon of the possible revolution of the individual towards the mass society. A face freed from the role assigned to it by its creators, which paradoxically becomes the ideal tool for a criticism of the advertising practice itself. Reinforcing the message is the torn paper of the decoupages and stencil-collages made by the artist, which refer to the laceration of the individual and his uniqueness, continuously manipulated to the point of being lost in the multiplicity of mass society. The artist works in various cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, London, Moscow, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Turin, Syracuse, Catania, Bologna, Salerno, Venice, Barcelona, Dortmund, Hamburg, Marseille, Strasbourg, Athens.

Both were “told” by two documentaries made by RUFA students. Gabriele Labianca, Andree Lucini, Carlo Quinto, Sophie Perez, Daniele Illuminati, Gianluca Leccese, Maria Iacobellis, Pier Giorgio Talone and Davide Piunti participated in the project “Caring about Uno”. In the film “Alice Pasquini – Daughter of the world” took part: Martina Bonfiglio, Nicola Giampà, Nicola Cera, Francesco Castellaneta, Gianlorenzo Grassi.