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On “Save the date” the work of Federico Lena

The appointments “powered by RUFA” continue within the Rai 5 program “Save the date”. In these weeks there have been many artistic contributions that Academy graduates and former graduates have generated in support of the network, opening a debate on what can be defined as the new course of some disciplines, especially cinema, more aligned, but also more functional to be conveyed on television.

“Save the date” is a magazine that, week after week, presents the most important initiatives of the Italian cultural scene. The program, on air every Friday at 11:00 pm on Rai 5 and again on Tuesday on Rai 3 at 1:15 am, is an agenda that takes the viewer on a journey through the Italian arts and shows.

Among the protagonists of the episode scheduled for Friday, July 3, the RUFA student Federico Lena, who thanks to the coordination of the teacher Raffaele Simongini and the technical contribution of Ilaria Galanti and Simone Spampinato, former RUFA students and members of the Jumping Flea studio, has made a documentary film “I’m not the same”.

The project can be considered as a sort of double first opera and follows the realization of the first extended play, titled “A Brief List of Acknowledgements”, by a Roman debut band, Cathartic Method, highlighting the relationship between the singer of the band, Gabriele Gallo, and the producer of the record, Roberto Cola.

Shooting took place in Rome, between October 2017 and February 2018, in a period that went from the band’s entry into the studio to the release of their record. In addition to being a musical documentary, “I’m not the same”, tells the story of the formation of a group of young musicians who begin to take the first steps to realize their dreams, but their ambitions clash with the reality of a musical context from which it is not easy to emerge.

The atmospheres are rock and in addition to the dynamics that regulate the life of a band, you can see the direction work that Federico Lena has done, in order to enhance the path of a group among the most promising of the Roman scene.