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Nation 2.0: art beyond museums and traditional exhibition venues.

Among the effects still to be understood and better defined of the Covid-19 pandemic, one cannot fail to mention an approach to artistic fruition that is decidedly different from the normal routine. There have been many activities that have been developed on the web and that have allowed to convey ideas and research around the world, simply staying connected in front of a screen. The future will tell if the path followed is really the right one, but at the moment the perspectives for a new generation of artists are really interesting.

In this scenario the platform Nation 2.0 based in Dubai in the Arab Emirates has asked some international curators and critics, such as the teacher of the School of Visual Arts RUFA Fabrizio Pizzuto, to point out emerging artists, but already prepared to challenge the market in the sign of innovation. To inaugurate this path the new graduate in Painting Giovanni Lo Castro who, thanks to the publication of the images of some of his works, will be able to make the most of this global path.

The virtual “collection” of works is only the first part of the project. The aim, in fact, is to define a nucleus of artists who can then give form and substance to site-specific online initiatives. The hope, of course, is that other RUFA students and graduates will be able to follow this path which, like all the novelties, is extremely fascinating.

For more information, please visit the website and the instagrampage of Nation 2.0.