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Sculpture and Installations

RUFA in Spoleto during the Fuori Festival

The Spoleto Festival is one of those events that needs no introduction. Every year the magnificent Umbrian city opens to the world, showing its monumental beauty, intact as its historical vocation to art.

The majestic scenery of the Albornoziana Fortress and the magnificent sequence of arches of the Ponte delle Torri prelude to the Roman Theatre of the first century BC, the seventeenth-century Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio, the fourteenth-century complex of St. Nicholas, the nineteenth-century Teatro Nuovo and the great stage square of the Duomo, with the Basilica erected in the twelfth century.

In this incomparable dimension, in 1958, the Festival of the Two Worlds was born, so as to celebrate art in all its forms. From that precise moment it was a constant proliferation of research and expressiveness, thanks also to the many related initiatives that allow young artists to come into contact with the absolute protagonists of contemporary art. And RUFA cannot miss this unique opportunity to give back the most authentic meaning of Made in Italy.

The Fuori Festival will present 7 original “site specific” environmental art works created by 7 RUFA students from the various courses of the Department of Visual Arts. The Fuori Festival is a place where art and creativity move and combine centuries-old local traditions with contemporary experimentation. The aim is to frame the festival with parallel performances, bringing together artists and audience.

In the beautiful location of the Roof Garden, surrounded by greenery and located on the highest point of Spoleto, all artistic disciplines have the opportunity to express themselves, expand and combine, to be fully enjoyed and shared in harmony with the environment. The 2020 edition will be held from 20th to 30th August, and is developed in collaboration with the artistic project of RUFA “Ecosofia”, from which the concept “Eco-Society” that will accompany the whole festival originates.

The chosen students deal mainly with installation, performance and sculpture techniques. The works reflect on the theme of knowledge and nature, seeking dialogue with the place that hosts them, with the user and with nature itself. The project is enclosed in the acronym WYSIWYG which stands for “What You See Is What You Get”. The term, proper to the field of computer science, is here translated into the man-nature relationship, so much so as to become a sort of common subtitle for installation work. It is not a question of defining a theme or demonstrating any theorem, but of finding fields of analysis and showing works that have eco-sophia, knowledge of nature, as a cue, as a basic philosophy on which to freely articulate a research.

The works of the RUFA students show different perspectives: they range from a reflection on the possible contradiction of being able to develop a real eco-sustainability in this economic system, to the role of contemporary art, seen almost parodistically, as a transparent bubble within which to implement the social distancing, mandatory in these days.

There are many points to think about: deterioration, the sense of the ephemeral, love and the need to draw our own space. Coordinated by teachers Fabrizio Pizzuto (History of contemporary art and Management for art) and Emiliano Coletta (Techniques for sculpture) will exhibit: Aurora Augenti – “1cm³ in più di aria”; Amedeo Longo – “The form of love”; Davide Miceli – “Stesso terreno”; Giulia Gaia Rossi – “Tra”; Gianluca Ricco – “Come Sisifo”; Stefano Tenti – “Present Continuous”; Sara Zanin – “(C5O2H8)n”. This last work will be the object of an interaction with the public that will take place on Saturday August 22nd in the same spaces.