The short film by Livia Oya Proto selected in Connecticut

There is no ending to the personal statements made by RUFA students who, despite the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, are continuing to build future-oriented ideas and projects in order to make the theoretical concepts learned in recent months practical. “Mutations” is the title of the short film made by the student of the Cinema School of the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Mur, Livia Oya Proto. The film, which took shape and substance during the quarantine for one of the course’s exams, was selected by the “NHdocs film festival Quarantine Student Competition” which was held online on 21 August 2020.

The festival, truly unique in its kind, was created to bring together filmmakers and film lovers, to build a community dedicated to the public and those who physically make the films. The aim is to generate situations of encounter and confrontation. The contest welcomes films and shorts screened at important international film festivals, as well as documentaries by directors still little known.

“Mutations” tells the story of Olivia, a middle-aged woman who, little by little, during the mandatory quarantine begins to go mad and see the walls of the house and objects as human beings come to life so as not to feel the weight of loneliness. Until one day, as a solution, she starts talking to herself, turning into another person with a different voice in the background of a chess game.