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RUFA arrives in Venice

During the Venice International Film Festival, the short film “Revenge Room”, directed by Diego Botta and produced by One More Pictures with Rai Cinema. Among the actors: Eleonora Gaggero, Luca Chikovani, Manuela Morabito, Violante Placido, and the extraordinary participation of Alessio Boni. The peculiarity of the project is also in the musical track that accompanies the story: it is, in fact, the song “Sogni d’oro e di platino” by Baby K, super guest in Venice.

Revenge Room” is an innovative transmedia project, designed to speak to viewers of different targets, in particular Generation Z, Millennials and parents. It is a history with a strong social value that comes to life through different contents, each designed for a different distribution channel. The entire film was made not only as a linear short, available simultaneously on RaiPlay, but also as a model of Virtual Reality 360°, under the direction of Gennaro Coppola, to be presented in September in Rome in the extensive program of Videocittà, the Festival della Visione, and simultaneously on the App Rai Cinema Channel VR. But that’s not all, the innovative propensity of the film is completed with a video mapping narrative realized by a group of students and teachers RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts in collaboration with the company of VFX Direct 2 BRAIN. The vision of this specific segment will take place in autumn in a square in Rome, as part of an event related to revenge porn, the central theme of the project. At the center of the plot, a young woman, Federica. Locked in her bedroom, with dozens of provocative and vulgar messages from strangers arriving on her smartphone. Her boyfriend, Davide, wakes up in a room with a stranger, Saul, and does not understand what is happening. Federica and Davide were in love. In 15 minutes they have to face their worst nightmare.

The screenplay of the short film, written by Alessandro Diele, has already won the second edition of the contest “La realtà che non esiste” (last year “Happy Birthday” was presented with Terry Gilliam and Achille Lauro). The script was chosen by a jury composed by Francesco Rutelli President of Anica and Festival Videocittà, Paolo Del Brocco CEO of Rai Cinema, Manuela Cacciamani Film & multimedia producer, Gennaro Coppola CEO & Innovation strategist of Axed Group, Alberto Luna Senior partner of Talent Garden, Fabio Mongelli Director of RUFA, Carlo Rodomonti Head of strategic and digital marketing of Rai Cinema.

The story deals with a very topical issue, revenge porn (“revenge porn”): the diffusion on the web, with online messaging systems, of private images and/or videos with a sexual background for vengeful purposes and without the consent of the person portrayed. A recent study by the European Women’s Lobby estimates that in the United States one person in 25 has been a victim of revenge porn, in the UK and Australia one person in three and in Europe about 9 million girls have suffered some form of online violence before the age of 15. In Italy, the law against the crime of revenge porn was introduced a year ago, in 2019.