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RUFA teacher Simone Cametti signs the project “Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!”.

In continuity with some recent experiences that characterize the artistic path of these last months, RUFA teacher of Visual Arts Simone Cametti exhibits at Ncontemporay gallery in Milan with the exhibition entitled “Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!”. The project is in line with the light factor of 4500 kelvin degrees and provides for the exclusive processing of red which is defined by the excitement of neon gas.

The title of the exhibition is a phrase coined to classify the luminous intensity of the stars, in this case the artist dwelt on the last word of the phrase determining the stars of type M: “me”, the red giants. They are the stars in the last life cycle: once the helium has run out, they begin to burn various denser gases such as neon and, starting from that precise moment, they end their active evolution.

The process, or it would be more appropriate to call it artistic practice, of Cametti, implements a series of different but coherent actions that allow to meet the point of tangency between apparently opposite natures. The research takes place in the field of disused industrial sites, where the raw material is found, such as the neon tubes that have remained “dormant”. Simone Cametti enters and breaks through the context: he recombines them, regenerates them, rekindles them. He tests their resistance and effect. He examines their correspondence, allowing them to communicate again.

“Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!” is not just a title. The acronym that indicates the star classification, becomes a motto, almost an emblem like a prayer to Nature to reveal itself, to tame itself. And here we begin to glimpse that impalpable thread that binds light to marble. The layers of red and blue paint reveal under a precise light veins of the otherwise vague, airy, invisible material. Just as Cametti explores spaces and acts on fluorescent tubes, so then that intense light reacts and applies it, this time in a scientifically physical declination to the material par excellence: stone. And marble with its veins is living stone.

Photo by Luis do Rosario