Are you the best? You are in RUFA!

Only one mission: find the best! Exibart prize 2020 is not just a prize, but an integrated project, created to support contemporary art, to bring together and dialogue with professionals in the creative industry, to generate those relationships that, today more than ever, are able to make a difference.

Foundations, museums, galleries, academies, critics, curators, collectors, dealers, books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, fairs, auctions: a wonderful and complex universe that gravitates around the works of artists. Exibart thought to create a home for everyone: an online platform on which to upload and share projects, portfolios, images, videos and ideas, then giving shape and substance to a contest. Thus was born Exibart prize. Participating is very simple. Just sign up, register on the site and create your personal page. Exibart prize is a prize dedicated to art and all its declinations.

As soon as the personal page has been generated, the contest starts by activating the “ON AIR” button. The jury starts its evaluation. The artist can enter up to a maximum of 9 works and change them whenever he deems it appropriate. The categories admitted are: illustration, drawing, painting, graphics, digital art, performance, sound art, photography, sculpture, but in general all the other art categories not explicitly mentioned are also admitted.

The final result is calculated on the average of the votes and not on their sum. So to have collected 10 or one hundred votes is mathematically irrelevant for the selection. Those who will immediately enter the prize and those who will only enter at the end have the same chance of winning. For all the info see the site Exibartprize.

And for RUFA students there is a free registration through a code that will arrive via email to the whole community.