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RUFA is partner of the artistic and musical event “We are all Frida”.

It will be held from the 1st to the 4th of October, in the setting of the theater “L’Arciliuto” in Piazza di Montevecchio in Rome, the performance “We are all Frida”, curated by the multifaceted Rosanna Fedele, in the dual role of designer, stylist, painter, singer and actress.

The show aims to give voice to the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo: not to forget her and not to forget all women. Frida represents the female universe as a whole: suffering, restless, betrayed and betraying, devout, indecisive, artists. Women with a fire inside that you don’t know how to get it out so as not to feel burned.

The attention is focused, in particular, on the suffering that the woman feels in her last moments of life. These are the moments in which Frida retraces the most significant events of her existence, re-experiencing the physical, psychological and inner suffering.

The essential and symbolic scenography of “We are all Frida”, curated by Alessandro Baronio, rediscovers the intimate side of the artist, beyond her being, contextualizing it in modernity. The texts, which retrace Frida Kahlo’s sufferings, are freely taken from the book “Viva la vida!” written by Pino Cacucci.

In the show, Rosanna Fedele does her best in extemporaneous pictorial performances guided by the feeling generated by Frida’s words, by the pathos that moves an artist’s hand in relation to the feelings she is feeling. But that’s not all. The soundtrack is composed of songs written and composed by the actress herself, played and sung live. The songs, which as in a musical, give voice to hidden thoughts, are arranged and performed live on the piano by Paolo Bernardi.

The complex organizational process of the project, curated in the direction by RUFA teacher Andrés Rafael Zabala, sees the participation of students Marialuce Venturi (assistant set designer), Giacomo Raffaelli (assistant director), Fabio Maiorano (assistant director and second camera), Stefano Antonio Mangia (assistant director and lighting).