Photography and Audiovisual

MAC, exhibition of Anna Di Paola

The exhibition season resumes at the Maja Arte Contemporanea in Via Monserrato 30, Rome. To inaugurate this restart Anna Di Paola, already graduated from the School of Photography RUFA.

The exhibition, which can be visited from October 1th to November 14th, is dipped “Misero Blu” and focuses on the works of the Molise artist who, on this particular occasion, meets the Cyanographic technique. In her research Di Paola makes fifteen images emerge in Prussian blue that evoke as many works of the “Blue Period” of Picasso. The choice to dialogue explicitly with Pablo Picasso is an act of courage that bases its effectiveness on unscrupulousness.

The aim, as Lorenzo Canova points out in the critical text illustrating the project, “is to give life to works that do not go beyond the limits of that conventionality that much of international “Picassoism” had already shown in the middle of the last century. The shots manage to find a hermetic dialogue with the master’s great painting, an affinity of images and feelings, until discovering in his own eyes the secret reflection that animates Picasso’s suffered and solemn self-portrait that accompanies him in the light and melancholic paths of a photograph that is revived in its mysterious pictorial essence”.

For Anna Di Paola a personal exhibition that follows the many group shows realized from 2016 to today, between Prague and Rome, ranging between different themes and conceptions that, however, reflect a non-trivial academic journey and deepening.