Multimedia Arts and Design

Multimedia students on display in Testaccio

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and REF – Roma Europa Festival continue to walk in unison on the path of creativity.

The aim is always the same: to explore new forms of expression and imagine what it is not yet. Also for 2020, the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Ministry of University and Research is an integral part of the festival that will come alive in a few weeks, marking the transition between summer and autumn.

In this scenario, the creative contribution generated by the course of Multimedia arts and design and coordinated by the teacher Caterina Tomeo, is of the highest level. The students of the first and second year of the Master of Arts course, led by Massimo Zomparelli and Ivan Paduano, have given shape and substance to an experience entitled “THE POST-FUTURIST CAVE”, whose vision to the public, in compliance with the rules of prevention by Covid-19, will take place between the 2nd and 3rd of October at the “Cellette” area of the Slaughterhouse of Testaccio.

“THE POST-FUTURIST CAVE” investigates the complex relationship between digital testimonies and the retrieval of them by society. Unpublished symbols and signs come to life through the use of artificial intelligence responding to the virtual participation of viewers who will interact with the physical presence of other users, put for the first time in contact with these new forms of expression. After all, human beings have always been in contact with writing systems, both in order to communicate with others and to leave their own testimony.

RUFA team who worked on the project was composed by Consuelo Donati, Daniele Falchi, Elisa Pelliccioni, Elisa Quadrini, Gianmatteo Buttiglione, Maria Gavrilova, Mirko Pelliccia, Sabrina Coppola, Silvia Parolini, Simone Tecchia, Tijana Gavric, Antonio Reda, Bogdan Melinte, Carmine De Vita, Edoardo Filippone, Giorgia Pelagalli and Michal Zemel.

The work will be inaugurated on October 2 at 5 p.m. at the ex Mattatoio.