RUFA wins, once again!

Martina Calanni‘s “Eureka” project won the first prize at the 2020 edition of the international competition “Bamboo Rush”, for the design of a bamboo design object.

The coveted award was obtained “for having combined the basic traits in the philosophy behind the use of bamboo: the gestures of movement, the clean lines, the essentiality of the elements, the flexibility of use”.

The project, developed within the Product Design course held by the teacher Floriana Cannatelli, proposes, starting from the archetypal image of the light bulb, a minimalist design, formed by a single line in tension, in which bamboo is the central element of the system. A handy table lamp, but also resistant and functional, entirely focused on the idea of lightness and compatible design, in an elegant and essential shape.

“Eureka” combines the traditional charm of bamboo with the lightness of a line of light obtained from the latest generation “strip led” technology, for a contemporary and minimalist morphology. A portion of bamboo cane forms the base for the lighting body, which develops in a single continuous linear movement, composing in its silhouette the icon of the light bulb. It thus creates an object transversal to every room in the house, and nomadic in nature, given its small size and handle that makes it easily transportable. A game of full and empty spaces, in which light materializes in the symbolic space of the void.