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Federica Di Pietrantonio, special prize at TALENT PRIZE 2020

The Foundation “Culture and Art”, within the 2020 edition of “TALENT PRIZE”, awarded a Special Prize, as best emerging artist, to the graduate RUFA Federica Di Pietrantonio. A very important statement that gives merit to the work, first formative and then practical, profused by Federica in the particular path of experimentation undertaken so far.

The awarding of the important recognition was made possible thanks to the presentation of the pictorial work “Does the body know”. Not only a representation, but a conceptual exhibition that focuses on relationships and processes born through simulated and/or virtual realities, social platforms and videogames. The work was born from the videogame “Grand Theft Auto V”. The virtual experience, which moves from screenshot to digital drawing and painting, is a pretext to retrace an individual memory offering it as a collective. The body is a device of recognition, of identification in itself and in its virtual alter egos; a device no longer able to define itself permanently, but involved in a continuous process of creation and destruction. The gaming part confines the area in which the artistic process develops, within which the standardization of personality and the illusion of one’s individuality find a place, free from any form of relationship and interaction. The translation from the virtuality of the game to the reality of the canvas is a sort of illusion, an oasis of well-being in which to get lost.

The prize was awarded to Federica Di Pietrantonio by a jury composed of Ludovico Pratesi, curator and art critic, Federica Pirani, art historian and exhibition planner of the Sovrintendenza Capitolina, Marcello Smarrelli, artistic director of Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, Anna d’Amelio Carbone, director of Fondazione Memmo Arte Contemporanea, Guido Talarico, director and editor of Inside Art, Anna Mattirolo, Delegate for research and special cultural projects Scuderie del Quirinale, Peter Benson Miller, Director of institutional and international relations of the Quadriennale di Roma, Gianluca Marziani, curator and art critic, Cesare Pietroiusti, President Palaexpo, Chiara Parisi, Director Centre Pompidou-Metz, Roberta Tenconi, curator Pirelli Hangar Bicocca Milano and Luca Lo Pinto, Director of MACRO. The winner, the finalists and the special prizes will be the subject of an exhibition and an in-depth look at Inside Art magazine, to be published in November.