Workshop RUFA 2020/21 - Accademia Belle Arti Roma - RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts

Arte cinematografica


Computer Animation and Visual Effects


Design for humans

Fine Arts

Photography and Audiovisual

Graphic design

Graphic Design - Comics and Illustration

Multimedia Arts and Design


Set Design

Sculpture and Installations

Visual and Innovation Design

Workshop RUFA 2020/2021 – October Session – Photos and Video

The autumn session of RUFA workshops has just ended. From October 19 to 24, 2020, the students of the Academy met with experts in design, creativity and technology.

The workshops, which the Academy offers to the students every year, generate an exchange of ideas, technique and experience that are handed down from professionals to the designers and artists of the future.

The topics covered range from the exploration of the peculiarities of different film genres to design and self-production on paper to create and set up one’s own portfolio, from editorial portrait to interactive design and from tools and techniques between reality and fiction through audiovisual editing to modeling, texturing, animation and rendering tools.

Workshop RUFA 2020/21 – Sessione autunnale