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The challenge starts again: two days to make a film of 7 minutes maximum

Two days: 48 hours to make a film with actors, script, soundtrack, shooting and editing. Despite the health emergency, the “48 Hour Film Project” returns for 2020. The challenge, as defined by the organisers, is adrenaline-filled: from 4 to 6 December filmmakers from all over Italy will be able to put themselves to the test to make the best short film in just 48 hours! The winning film will compete at “Filmpalooza 2021” where, in addition to the final grand prize, it will have the chance to compete in the “Short Film Corner” section at the Cannes Film Festival.
The “journey” starts on Friday evening with the drawing of a genre, the communication of a character, an object and a line of dialogue that must be included in all the films. The work, completed on Sunday evening, must be delivered within the so-called “official time period”. All the films produced will be seen by an expert audience.

The 48HFP is the most well-known and long-lived filmmaking competition in the world, as well as being the one with the highest number of participants. Creativity and fun are at the heart of its success: for years 48HFP has been helping talent to emerge and find synergies with other creatives. These are solid and enduring ties that go far beyond mere filming. The festival is open to professionals and non-professionals and of course also to RUFA students. There is no limit to the number of members per team, although the average is around 15 participants per team. The duration of the films must be between 4 and 7 minutes. The whole experience is organised by “Le Bestevem”. All info and modalities of participation on the 48 Hours Film Project website.