2021 Student Service Design Challenge – Philips

The student service design challenge is aimed at the next generation of designers. The competition is open to all design students and was launched by Philips Experience Design to engage young designers in their search for people-centered care services. Through this challenge, younger generations can in fact shape the future of care.

Students are invited to reflect on how care services could be improved by making them simple, accessible to provide the right assistance to the people who need it at the lowest possible cost. Proposals must be functional at a local level for individuals (including the most marginalized groups), but they must also be able to be developed more broadly through the use of technology applied to humans and reflect the following key words: people centric, society oriented, technology enabled, circular and sustainable, business viable.

In addition to a cash prize for their Institution, winners will have the opportunity to participate in a 10-week design residency at Philips Experience Design where they will be able to develop their project under the supervision of a team of experts. This competition will be completed through a unique international exhibition during the Dutch Design Week 2021. The selected concepts will also appear in various publications and participate in other design events, such as Barcelona Design Week.

Students can participate in team of 4/7 people by submitting their application through the Service Design Challenge website. Applications will be accepted if sent by January 2021. However, it is recommended that students send their application as soon as possible.