RUFA, thanks to the collaboration with Acea and the Light design course, designs the LED systems of some historical lanterns in Rome.

The course of Light Design, for the academic year 2020/2021, will have as its theme the redevelopment of historical luminaires for urban lighting in Rome and will be held in collaboration with Areti, an Acea Group company that manages the distribution of electricity in the capital.

The led technology, in recent years widely used in urban lighting, finds a more difficult application in historical and monumental areas. In particular, in Rome there are several types of historical lanterns that characterize the areas where they are installed: Areti is working to equip these devices with LED retrofit, in order to preserve the casings and improve the performance standards. Such situations can be found in Piazza Vittorio, Ponte Flaminio, Piazza Venezia and Via del Mare. The students of the Design courses of RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts will work on the survey of the lantern through a 3D scan, on the design of the retrofit kit and on the realization of the prototype.

The project is considered not only as a didactic exercise, but as a real experience of conservative innovation in the field of urban lighting. The whole process is coordinated by the lecturer Ely Rozenberg, industrial designer specialized in the field of light design, and the architect Marcella Migliaccio, responsible for public lighting design for Areti.


Students who, under the coordination of Light design lecturer Ely Rozenberg, will work to facilitate the transition between theory and practice: Martina Gregori, Giorgia Guiducci, Niccolò Iafusco, Virginia Lama, Beatrice Lolli, Silvia Migliorini, Beatrice Piacente, Alessia Ricci, Emanuel Rubin, Sara Noelani Salaparuta, Cecilia Salerno, Federico Scarelli, Viola Scopigli, Gil Shaveh, Giulia Tarantino, Valerio Tortora, Claudia Tuzi, Francesca Vrenna, Silvia Andreozzi, Simone Anticoli, Michele Archidiacono, Matteo Are, Grace Sambueno Cababa An, Francesco Casucci, Alessandro Sandoval De Villa, Claudia Fantera, Daniele Fini, Michele Fornaciari, Arianna Franchi, Valentina Frangioli, Livia Funari, Chiara Giacchino, Laura Giuliani, Ana Beatriz Gomes Gouveia, Caner Ufuk Yapali.

The collaboration with Acea is in continuity with what RUFA has done so far in this very special sector. It should not be forgotten that the Light Design course was present with several projects at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan. RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, on that occasion, was selected as a guest, representing the 15 best universities in the world. With the same commitment has participated in the Maker Faire European Edition with an exhibition dedicated to lighting.