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Painting: you again, but weren’t we supposed to see each other more? – Online meeting of the Department of Visual Arts

The online meeting Painting: you again, but weren’t we supposed to see each other more? has been rescheduled on February 5, 2021 at 11:00 am, with visual arts students and Federica Di Pietrantonio, RUFA graduate recently identified by Artribune as the best young artist of the year.

Painting seems to be weighed down by a critical and curatorial ostracism that tends to exclude it from major international art exhibitions, considering it a form of expression that is now exhausted and outdated.

But does painting really have nothing more to say? After the conceptual “prohibitionism” of the Seventies, painting re-emerged forcefully on the international scene, experiencing a season of renewed fortune, interpreted, however, by many as the proposal of an “equivocal” return to order. But can we really reason in art according to the categories of old and new, conservation and revolution? Or aren’t these categories tied to a prejudice that is entirely internal to modern ideology and its false illusions? Perhaps only a sideways shift with respect to an entire artistic tradition allows us to glimpse all the potential still inherent in forms of expression such as painting, sculpture and drawing, which Gino De Dominicis defined as “original” and non-traditional. And therefore full of future.

Participants to the meeting: Andrea Aquilanti, Gianna Bentivenga, Maria Pina Bentivenga, Emiliano Coletta, Guido D’Angelo, Fabrizio Dell’Arno, Federica Di Pietrantonio, Davide Dormino, Umberto Giovannini, Nicolas Martino, Fabrizio Pizzuto.

Photo cover of the event: Gino di Dominicis – L’artista e il suo doppio – anni ’80. Collezione privata, Tezze di Arzignano.