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Free Raw and Poor / In Ether – Photo and video

The curator, Beatrice Levorato, and artists Stefano Tenti and Federica Griesi will talk about the exhibition in a live talk streamed from RUFA Space on Friday, February 12 at 11:00 am.


Testimony of a thought that returns to the primitive, an essential consequence of the current historical moment. Stefano Tenti and Federica Griesi come together thanks to the concept of of absence/presence, a necessary antithesis that they choose to make concrete in colour, sign and sound, in narration and context, in thought. They both find themselves desperately searching for a return to the elementary, an almost lost primitivism.

Stefano Tenti is an artist whose research focuses on interaction and the intimate experience of the individual with his surroundings. In “In Ether” he challenges the interpretations of reality, he sets out to remove the filters between existing and feeling, in order to arrive at a basic need. It proposes an inverted globalisation, a return to the origins, an experiencing aimed at making people reflect on the roles of the advanced world and its trivialities.

This is a need that also returns in Federica Griesi‘s work “Libera Cruda e Povera“. It is particularly visible in her most recent canvases: extremely material signs that join and blend with diluted brushstrokes, contrasts that become one. A return to the primordial made evident by the sought-after absence of figure but presence of matter. An antithesis of signs, which in addition to being such, asks to be shown with colour: black and white, full and empty.

Federica Griesi’s materic informal, which takes its cue from Burri, is a response to the current nihilistic phase of uncertainty that young people in particular are experiencing. It brings attention to the human condition. Stefano Tenti investigates the shadow zones of thought and cognition. His art appears conceptual but remains tangible, relating to the viewer. Both reason about what surrounds them, a relationship between the senses that succeeds in tickling thought, making it almost palpable, and invites reflection. The uniqueness of the human being.

From 8 to 16 February at RUFA Space the two young artists will tell their story with their works, the exhibition is curated by Beatrice Levorato.. The exhibition can be visited from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., via degli Ausoni 7.
Si ringrazia il Comune di Vitorchiano per la fornitura di parte dei materiali di realizzazione delle opere.

In view of national health conditions and in compliance with Covid-19 safety regulations, access to the exhibition will be restricted: a maximum of 10 people will be allowed into the gallery at any one time, including artists and curators, in accordance with the Guidelines for visitors.

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Libera Cruda e Povera / In Etere