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Isidro Ferrer, special guest of the AIAP talk

Isidro Ferrer discovered visual communication thanks to his apprenticeship in the famous Peret studio, from which he drew some of the elements that would later define his unmistakable style. At the end of the 1980s, he began to emerge on the graphic design scene and distinguished himself on a national level thanks to numerous awards and publications that soon made their way around the world. His workshop in Huesca, Zaragoza, is crowded with drawings, handmade objects and materials of all kinds that coexist with posters and illustrated books for children. Isidro Ferrer’s creativity has its roots in the world of theater. After graduating in Dramatic art and stage design, he worked as an actor for several years until an accident forced him to leave the stage. That’s why he cares about getting involved in his artifacts, building them with his own hands. A humble, curious and analogical dreamer who has understood how design is narrative.

Isidro Ferrer is the protagonist of the AIAP talk, scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 at 6 pm, strictly in remote mode. Since last December, in fact, AIAP has organized a series of online meetings with the world elite of the creative industry. The aim is to transmit to the new generations and to students in training positive models to refer to. That’s why the conferences, which RUFA has joined, are completely free and open to those who wish to be an integral part of this experience. The meeting with Isidro Ferrer, is part of the #riconnessioneincorso program.

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