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“Lydia” in scadenza il prossimo 22 febbraio

The fourth edition of “Lydia”, the call for artists entitled to the memory of the sculptor Lydia Silvestri, organized by the Fondazione Il Lazzaretto, expires on 22nd February. Lydia” is open to artists under 35 years of age residing in Italy with proposals of ideas for an original work of art, without limits to techniques, formats or contemporary artistic languages, including hybrids: painting, audiovisual, performance, photography, illustration, graphics, sculpture, installation, performance, sound practices.

The theme of this edition is the Plague, in homage to the location that hosts the Foundation. An invitation to frequent the boundaries, to practice trespassing as an individual and collective transformative exercise.

The jury is composed of representatives of the promoting body and of professionals from the world of culture and art: Claudia D’Alonzo (teacher and independent curator), Alfred Drago (co-founder and president of Fondazione Il Lazzaretto), Gianni Moretti (artist), Beatrice Oleari (head of international relations and co-founder of FARE – Cultura), Adrian Paci (artist), Linda Ronzoni (artistic director of the foundation that organizes the contest).

The jury will evaluate the applications based on:
1) effectiveness of the proposal in relation to the method and approach suggested by the call;
2) portfolio;
3) consistency of the proposal with previous or ongoing research;
4) relevance of the proposal to the background presented in the portfolio.

The call wants to be a stimulus to practice an open and multiple gaze, to train methods of artistic research able to overcome binary and oppositional modes, to shape the world, to go beyond the perimeters between: empty/full, private/public, material/immaterial, fear/possibility, male/female, order/disorder, conflict/pacification, true/false, reason/emotion, natural/artificial, real/virtual, silence/noise, integrity/multiplicity.

The competition offers a cash prize of 5 thousand euros gross, divided as follows:
1) 3 thousand euros are for the production of the winning work and for any travel and hospitality expenses, subject to reporting;
2) 2 thousand as artist fee;
3) a mentorship with the artist Adrian Paci;
4) the presentation of the work within the “Festival of the Plague” edition 2021.

All info on the website Il Lazzaretto and Phest.