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RUFA, March 10th 2021 talk “The Book Market”

It has passed unscathed through the centuries, adapting to users and technologies, but always remaining very democratic in its use and above all in its consumption. The book retains its fascination: on the one hand, it is the precious custodian of knowledge and content, while on the other, it is the supreme source of information transmission, to be enriched and made even more elegant in form, bringing it symbiotically closer to art.

On Wednesday, March 10th 2021, at the proposal of the professors Luigi Iacobelli, Claudio Spuri and Fabrizio Verrocchi, the talk ” The Book Market” will be held. The meeting will focus on reports by Angela Di Biaso and Renato Salvetti who will concentrate on the role that Messaggerie Libri, a leading company in the sector, plays in the contemporary publishing industry.

The Messaggerie Libri group is the largest distributor of books, comics and e-books in Italy and has been operating in the market for over 100 years. It is a point of reference in book distribution, boasting more than 600 publishing brands and around 4 thousand points of sale, including e-commerce, bookshops and stationers.

The objective of the talk is to tell the future creatives of this sector what happens to the products they create, how the market works, why that beautiful cover should convince a reader to buy that particular book.

The occasion, moreover, is particularly suitable to analyze what is the market of culture in Italy: a very complex mechanism to interpret. Listening to those who are part of these gears can become a valid support to the creation of the book product.

The talk is suitable for all RUFA students, but is particularly recommended for those attending Graphic design, Comics and illustration and Photography and audiovisual.