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At the Palladium Festival, out of competition three short films by RUFA students

Alessio Bartoli with “The Box”, Luca Mazzara, Paolina Gramegna, Nicola Vazquez, Caterina Crescini, Federica Picciau and Elisa Curatola with “Il viandante” and Nicola Dondio with “Il merlo”: they are the students who will participate out of competition at the Palladium Festival.

The event, born within the University Roma Tre and the Palladium Theatre, intends to valorize the short films of the students coming from the Schools of Cinema of all Italy. The aim is to encourage the exchange of information and comparison between different generations, but also between not similar approaches of study. The Palladium Festival today encompasses cinema, television, video and electronic arts that interact in synergy with theater, music, mass media, but also with other theoretical disciplines such as philosophy, history, literature.

“The Box” focuses on the story of Daniele Azara, a young game-director who experiments with a virtual reality based on Auschwitz. A circumstance that will lead him to clash both with himself and with some exponents of Jewish culture such as Anna Segre. In the flow of the story we find the opinions of the various characters, between ethical and moral problems, which tell something traumatic and perhaps still untouchable.

“The Wayfarer” walks on the path of three lives, with interviews, stock images and that curiosity necessary to know who comes from a similar planet, but distant from the known. It is the story of Giacomo the alien, of Luca the human. And it is the story of Gaetano, the indelible memory.

“The Blackbird” tells the story of a student away from home who feels he no longer belongs to his homeland: nostalgia for old friends is the only link that persists. It seems an evening like any other at the bar of the country, but someone is missing: where will the Blackbird be?

The shorts made by RUFA students will be published on the Mymovies platform, from March 9 to 14..