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Sculpture and Installations

Amedeo Longo in exhibition at Chiaroscuro

A project generated to support the new generation of artists growing and training in the Academies of Fine Arts. This is the focus, but not only, of the RECOMMENDED project, conceived and coordinated by Francesca Longo and Raffaele Gavarro, for the non-profit exhibition space Chiaroscuro Arte Contemporanea, located in Via Sant’Antonio all’Esquilino 3/E in Rome. After the exhibition that took place last October, we continue now with the second experience in the program, entitled THE SHAPES OF LOVE by Amedeo Longo, now enrolled in the two-year specialization course RUFA in Fine arts.

Born in Rome in 1996, Amedeo Longo graduated in RUFA< at the Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture in 2020, focusing already during the training period on exhibition paths that are never trivial. Amedeo Longo presents an installation composed of about 100 iron airplanes, threaded into the walls of the gallery in a completely random way. Airplanes that seem to have the lightness of sheets of paper folded on themselves, they want to visualize a launcher at the center of the room, who with strength and hope continues to launch them, while on the other hand the iron used to make them puts before the eyes of the observer the first paradox, one of the recurring elements of Longo’s artistic work.

THE SHAPES OF LOVE is an action of hope and search for love and at the same time as a bitter acceptance of a failure of interpersonal relationships. The exhibition is curated by Carlotta De Martino: born in Rome in 1993, she graduated from Bachelor of Arts course in Painting at RUFA and is currently a student of Visual cultures and curatorial practices at the Brera Academy in Milan.  The exhibition will open on Tuesday, March 9 from 3pm to 6pm.