Corrispondenze – Mostra del Workshop di Fotografia

Photography and Audiovisual

Correspondences – Photography Workshop Exhibition

Starting at 5 p.m. on March 5, 2021, the project “Correspondences” will be inaugurated at RUFA Space, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district. Specifically, it is an exhibition that collects the results of the workshop of the same name that has just taken place in Rome with a group of students from the Graphic design, Photography and Comics and Illustration courses at RUFA. A work of intertwining and contamination that expresses the expectations of a course of study aimed at the formation of a new generation of artists.

During the workshop and in the realization of the exhibition this trend is expressed, the students were able to explore the concept of correspondence as a method of visual and artistic research, through the study and experimentation of different visual languages. By “correspondences” we mean both the links that can be established between different objects, images and concepts, and a certain way of addressing people and things.

All the students worked from a letter that was given to them by one of their classmates, and which they used as a thread to carry out an artistic research project.

The exhibition will open today at 5 p.m. and can be visited next week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday and will close at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Via degli Ausoni 7.

Given the national health conditions and in compliance with the security rules anti Covid-19, access to the exhibition will be restricted: a maximum number of 10 people will have access to the gallery at the same time, including artists and curators, in accordance with the Visitor’s Rules.

We invite you to book the view by filling out the form below, you will receive an email confirmation and an invitation to come to the front office of the Academy before entering the room. We look forward to seeing you!