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“Rereading Gramsci after Covid,” new edition of home competition for the polo of the ‘900

The Piedmontese Foundation Institute “A. Gramsci”, after the success of the previous editions, proposes again the competition addressed to the students of the Academies of Fine Arts with the aim of rereading the works of the Sardinian intellectual as a stimulus and point of contact between the multiple artistic expressions. This third edition, called “reloaded”, resumes the path interrupted due to the health emergency.

Rereading Gramsci after the Covid-19, was born from the experience lived during the forced isolation that no one, especially young people, would have ever thought they would have to face. Rereading the letters from prison represents an opportunity to express, in literary and artistic form, that sort of resilience that can be found in the dialogues, letters and writings that tell of the discomfort, fear and anxiety that separation from one’s affections and places of belonging aroused in Gramsci as a man no longer free. Among the novelties of the competition, the possibility to participate not only with a mixed media artwork, but also with a literary work and the possibility to create project groups.

To register, there is time until March 18, 2021.