Premio Rometti 2021 - Design



Rometti Prize, the selection starts

The coveted award, which aims to reward projects and artists who offer an original contribution to the art of ceramics, offers an internship in the factory to realize the idea presented. In addition, of course, to a cash prize. Ceramiche Rometti, based in Umbertide, since 1927 has always availed itself of the fundamental collaboration of young artists, creating masterpieces in total expressive freedom. The institution of the Rometti Prize intends to confirm the centrality of collaboration with the new generations, to encourage formal experimentation of an original and innovative nature and to follow the themes related to art-design.

RUFA students who wish to participate in the contest, can upload their proposals on the dedicated platform (a direct invitation will arrive by email no later than next April 15; an internal committee will evaluate and select them on the basis of three different criteria: form (object definable as art design), creativity (original interpretation of the Rometti tradition), decoration and functionality.