Talk – The legal protection of industrial design


Laura Schiuma, ordinary lecturer at the University of Perugia where she teaches Commercial Law and Industrial and Intellectual Property Law, is the protagonist of the talk “The legal protection of industrial design”, scheduled for Wednesday, May 26, on the initiative of the lecturer Meltem Eti Proto.

Laura Schiuma is an expert in corporate law and copyright law, with specific expertise in the field of governance of companies (listed and unlisted) and non-corporate bodies, as well as in the field of software protection, industrial design and restoration of works of art. She is a member of the scientific committee of the Institute for Corporate Governance (IGS) and teaches on contract at the LUMSA University in Rome. In the past she has collaborated with Assonime and with professional firms of primary importance. In her scientific activity she is the author of two monographs and numerous articles in books and scientific journals; she has written numerous essays on issues of corporate law, law of non-profit organizations and copyright; she is frequently invited as a speaker at national and international conferences.

Addressed to all RUFA students, but particularly recommended for those of Design, Visual Arts and Photography and Audiovisual, the talk aims to provide useful tools to protect authors against copying by others. What tools are available? The answer is not found only in the recourse to design registration. What interests are protected by the legal system? How do you choose the most appropriate protection technique? These are the questions to which we will try to give an answer, offering a complete picture of the means available to creatives and industry to protect the innovative form of industrial design products in its most different sectors (fashion, furniture, lamps, cars, bicycles to the smallest objects of daily use). A path to be taken through a reasoned and discussed in the light of practical cases and the most well-known controversies on the subject.