Fine Arts


Sculpture and Installations

Piazze romane, Enel is the project’s main sponsor

A convinced and concrete support for art, but above all for those who are called upon, in the coming years, to ensure that Made in Italy can further increase its relevance at global level. The Bel Paese’s propensity for artistic production is now one of the three best known brands in the world. This is a result of the research and the ability to experiment that Italian genius has always put in place, making its creative paths different and unusual. Italy is synonymous with design and the handmade: two concepts that link the centre to the periphery, the province to the metropolitan area.

In this context, Enel’s presence alongside the talents in training who have created the contemporary art works within the framework of the Piazze Romane project acquires added value: Renaissance patronage is re-proposed in a modern key, giving confidence to the students of the Fine Arts Academies, such as RUFA, who have chosen to decline in unison thought and imagination, so as to travel along paths not yet known.

Between 2014 and 2020, the Municipio Roma I Centro (Municipality of Rome I Centre) has worked to support the implementation of major redevelopment and maintenance projects for public urban spaces in the capital’s historic centre, enhancing the attractiveness of eight different locations within the jurisdiction of the Municipio I Roma Centro. For the entire summer period, Piazza Poli, Piazza Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, Piazza Cardelli, Piazza San Giovanni della Malva, Piazza di Pasquino, Piazza Borghese, Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo and Via della Frezza will be renovated. In these places, full of memory and cultural stratifications, eight different works by the “next generation” of artists will soon be placed, giving shape and substance to an itinerary that will allow people to appreciate the Eternal City from a different point of view.

In this ambitious experience, Enel is alongside RUFA as the main sponsor of the event. The aim is to make a decisive contribution to the realisation of the installations, which can then be visited for the entire summer period, in the awareness that investing in talent means believing in the future.