RUFA community joins the field

Winning is not the only thing that counts in this case, but judging by the commitment and self-sacrifice on the soccer field, the result was certainly not a minor factor in RUFA student-teacher match. Participation in the competition this time took on a very special meaning: the extracurricular activities planned to cement the relationship between the community members finally resumed. A sign of optimism in the perspective of the end of the academic year, but above all a renewed expectation for what the future holds.

For the record lovers, the match was hard fought by both teams, splendidly supported by a warm and enthusiastic crowd that practically sold out.
The fair play on the field was excellent, in a game that was at times English-style, male but always fair. To improve the athletic condition, due to a pandemic that has made grow not only the pizzas. At the end of the match a third time in rugby style, in anticipation of the next showdown.

Partita di calcetto studenti e docenti RUFA - giugno 2021