Fine Arts

Fine Arts Masterclass: Totem/theatres of a collective narration

The in-depth meetings coordinated by RUFA lecturer Umberto Giovannini continue. From 21st to 25th June, at RUFA Space, in the heart of San Lorenzo district, via degli Ausoni 7, the masterclass “Totem/theatres of a collective narration” will be held.
The absolute protagonist is thought, as a lever to act on a personal level and in relation to others, but also as a repository of memory, to be combined with the elements that characterize the human becoming.

The flow of thought develops in different ways and with an innumerable possibility of declinations and is inherent in every human being. This means that memory, whether personal or collective, forms a linearity of events that becomes a single place of memory and perception. Since the ancient world, in fact, we find evidence of places created to contain and communicate energies and events. These range from artefacts bearing rural decorations to the Trajan column, from the Asen – African totems used to celebrate the dead – to Christian illuminated manuscripts.

In this masterclass each student will work on the creation of his or her own totem/theatre that summarises part or all of the artistic research that has been carried out during this last year of study


The result of this project will be the creation of an exhibition structured in “islands”, in other words in worlds that are physically circumscribed, but that dialogue with the space, with the other worlds created and with an audience. It is an experience that asks you to be completely free in your experimentation and use of languages. The only constraint is to work in the dimension of one square metre: on the floor, on the wall, suspended, collectively identified within the RUFA spaces. The freedom will be total. Students will be able to use the expressive techniques they already know or imagine other paths, creating, assembling, using sounds or videos.


Totem/teatri di una narrazione collettiva