RUFA_AND_Policlinico Umberto I

Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA and AND, the traces of Dante in the hell of the Umberto I Polyclinic

In the name of Dante, the collaboration between RUFA and the National Academy of Dance continues, and seven hundred years after his death, the two institutions have generated a series of experiences to re-propose, in a contemporary key, the scenes from Inferno. The atmospheres are those of the Divine Comedy, but the settings can be traced back to urban contexts, in a parallelism between history and memory that makes everything very fascinating.

After the “Tableaux vivants” at the Verano Monumental Cemetery, Dante’s project “Scenes from Hell in the 21st Century” continues with the “Path of Knowledge”. The images created by RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts students collect the testimonies of a subjective journey related to the pandemic among the wards of the Umberto I Polyclinic in Rome.

The video, made by the students of the School of Photography and Audiovisual Guido Leon Aletta, Mirko Pizzichini, Sabina Ismailova, Ayla Mueller, under the coordination of Lecturer Alessandro Carpentieri, is an invitation to reflect on what has been, in the hope that the Covid-19 pandemic is gradually slowing down.

The journey, through images, music and dance, through the corridors of suffering was made possible thanks to the Magnificent Rector of La Sapienza University of Rome Professor Antonella Polimeni, the General Director of the Umberto I General Hospital Dr. Fabrizio D’Alba, the President of the Municipality II of Rome Dr. Francesca Del Bello and the Mobility manager of the Umberto I General Hospital Dr. Fabrizio Guglielmi.

The musical elaboration and mixing of “Ballad of Dante” by Paolo Fresu is by Luca Spagnoletti of the Saint Louis College of Music, with the sound part taken care of by Filippo Bosnia and Francesco Chirico.