RUFA e Maiani insieme nel segno dell’immagine_News

Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA and Maiani Fashion Academy together in the name of the image

A collaboration between RUFA and Maiani launched a few months ago to combine two highly relevant aspects of the world of creativity. On the one hand, the ability to design the future starting with clothes and the contaminations that only the world of fashion is able to generate, and on the other, the communicative potential that only images are able to evoke, so as to appeal to an increasingly wide audience and above all to convey emotions.

The scenario
It is in this context that RUFA has launched a collaboration with the Maiani Academy of Fashion, allowing the third year students of the School of Photography and Audiovisuals, coordinated by the lecturer Michele Palazzi, to act proactively with future fashion designers. The aim is to create a series of shots based on the moodboards of the designers’ outfits, thus creating a temporal continuum between the various production phases of the clothes. This approach aims to combine education and profession. The stylists are thus able to understand the effectiveness of a winning communication, while the photographers learn the point of view of those who are called upon to make fashion and Italian-made products even better.

On the basis of these assumptions RUFA students – photographers took part in the last edition of Altaroma, which confirms itself as a national and international showcase of the highest level for fashion creatives. In the past few days designers and photographers have met in Santa Maria della Pietà, a historical place in Rome between suffering and revival, imagining and building an artistic path that would allow the maximum possible enhancement of the clothes. The key word: eliminate the conventional, look for new forms of expression, offer the observer an exciting and innovative final product. The satisfaction of the people involved was maximum. The collaboration between RUFA and Maiani Accademia di Moda will soon continue in other directions.