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Piazze romane, 13 July at 21 a guided tour through texts and contexts

A walk through history, through the cultural stratification that only Rome can offer, but above all a tour of reflection induced by contemporary art. After the inauguration which took place last June, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and the Municipio I Roma Centro have scheduled a second guided tour of the sites hosting the installations of the “Piazze romane” project: piazza Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, piazza San Giovanni della Malva, piazza del Teatro di Pompeo, piazza di Pasquino, piazza Cardelli, piazza Borghese, via della Frezza, piazza Poli.

Tuesday 13th July, starting at 9pm, there will be a guided tour, starting from Piazza Teatro di Pompeo, to highlight, without prejudice, the research and experimentation work carried out by 13 students of the Academy who have created site-specific works for the historic centre of Rome, anticipating the concept of participatory public art that neighbouring France is investing millions of euros in.

The tour is conceived as a dialogue: on the one hand, art historian Penelope Filacchione will narrate the places, recreating the historical and urban context, and on the other hand, the word will be left to the individual authors, so that they can recount their personal reading and interpretation of the contexts. A plural guided tour, with many voices, in a continuous comparison between the historical essence of the city and the different sensibilities of contemporary art. In search of a coexistence that is not only possible, but necessary. The two works of art in the Trastevere district, irreparably vandalised just a few days after their inauguration, will be physically but not ideally missing. In their place, two “QR – Codes” have been placed, which allow to connect with the project, perceiving the essence of the two works. The prototypes of the installations are still on display in the rooms of the Hotel Canada, in Via Vicenza 58 in Rome, near the National Library of Castro Pretorio.

But above all, it will be a moment of growth and comparison between young people. Not only will RUFA talents in training be present, but also the promoters of the “Cassandra” project, born with the idea of making known the worldview of young people, their values, interests and needs of the new generations. Cassandra, thanks to the contribution of more than 20 girls and boys from all over Italy, promotes and spreads every day the voice of the new generations, with articles and digital contents of information and in-depth analysis ranging from current affairs to politics, passing through cinema and art.

Piazze romane - Cultural tour