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Research project for sustainable art with LCA and Beeopak

After a few months spent understanding the techniques involved, RUFA Visual Arts students are ready to impress. Beeswax is not only a material that is completely new to the eyes of the artists, but it is a challenge that brings together art and sustainability. And these are exactly the elements that intertwine in the exhibition “The position in which the bees sleep”, set up in the offices of LCA Studio Legale in Milan, the result of the collaboration undertaken also with the company Beeopak.

The scenario

Using the wax produced by bees as a means of expression, RUFA students worked inside modules of various sizes that recall the shape of a beehive. A common working space was thus generated between the expressive becoming of the artists and the daily work of the bees. This context made it possible to realise a collective project, while keeping the individual expression of each independent. Thanks to the coordination of the lecturer Emiliano Coletta, the students who took part in the experience refined not only their working techniques but also explored new worlds beyond their wildest expectations.

The idea

The initial input for the project came from innovative startup Beeopak, which supplied scraps of an environmentally friendly and reusable food film made from organic cotton fabric, soaked in a 100% natural blend of organic beeswax: a base to mould, process and convert. Precious fruits of these fragile insects that are at the same time fundamental to human survival.
The resulting exhibition, an ideal union of art, sustainability and the promotion of young talent, is an integral part of the social responsibility plan followed by LCA. Curated by Beatrice Levorato, the students Valeria Caceres, Lorenzo Cappella, Claudia Cermentini, Miriana D’Alessandro, Giulia Di Pasquale, Elisabetta Eufemia, Federica Griesi, Ginevra Ludovici, Alessandro Martina, Ginevra Miccaddei, Giulia Gaia Rossi, Alessia Saliu, Sofia Sotto Corona, Tanek – Francesco Politano and Stefano Tenti worked under the coordination of the lecturer Emiliano Coletta.

Law is art!

Since 2014 LCA through the project Law is Art! has promoted – both at its headquarters in via Moscova and at Palazzo Borromeo in Milan – solo exhibitions by Tatiana Trouvé, Letizia Cariello, Chiara Camoni, Brigitte Niedermair, Botto&Bruno, Michele Guido, Franco Guerzoni, Mattia Bosco, Silvia Camporesi, Silvio Wolf and Rä di Martino. The most recent exhibition hosted the independent photographic collective Cesura. For years, the Studio has also collaborated with “miart”, the most important international contemporary art fair in Italy, supporting the “LCA for Emergent” award dedicated to the best young gallery stand. In addition to its passion for contemporary art, its in-depth knowledge of the system and its recognised legal and fiscal expertise in this field, the firm is also highly sensitive to and committed to sustainability issues, in its broadest sense, to the extent that it has set up an internal “Sustainability Committee” made up mainly of young professionals, as well as a Focus Group dedicated to ESG issues.

The exhibition

The exhibition is realised in collaboration with AXA XL and Apice, and can be visited until 18 November, in compliance with the regulations in force, by booking only, by writing to

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