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Photography and Audiovisual

Ragusa Foto Festival 20/21: Angelica Di Done finalist

The project “Luna quieres ser madre” by Angelica Di Done has been selected as a finalist for the first edition of the “Young Photographers from Italian Academies” organised by Ragusa Foto Festival.

The aim of the Ragusa Foto Festival 20/21: to encourage comparison

A total of nineteen Italian photography institutions responded to the call to promote the work of their students. The jury was thus given the opportunity to evaluate 55 experiences of young creatives who will be able to contribute to the creation of a sharing platform that will enhance the best proposals selected by Italian schools.

A different kind of cultural ferment, aimed at fostering debate and comparison between the new generations and above all between different educational approaches.

Since 2012, the Ragusa Foto Festival has provided an opportunity for in-depth study and exchange. Each year it relies on the invaluable support of a scientific committee composed of scholars and experts from different disciplines in order to enhance the contribution of a plurality of voices and create a virtuous network and arouse the interest of broad sections of the public.

For each edition, a theme is identified around which exhibitions and educational events revolve, involving artists, authors, critics and cultural operators of the highest calibre.

Angelica Di Done’s experience

The student from the School of Photography and Audiovisual, coordinated by docent Michele Palazzi, focuses on the moon.

The moon as one of the most ancient symbols of humanity, represents the maternal feminine archetype par excellence, the Cosmic Mother. The Moon wants to be a mother. She welcomes, protects and makes the human figure unique by enhancing the aspects they have in common.

The inspiration comes from a Gypsy legend. Angelica Di Done has tried to bring together two apparently different elements such as the moon and the albinos.