Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA and KOEFIA, together for Piazze Romane

Just a few weeks after signing an agreement that will certainly be a harbinger of interesting experiences in the months to come, the RUFA Fine Arts Academy and the KOEFIA Fashion and Art Academy have come up with a decidedly interesting project


No sooner said than done! At the heart of the action are places in the capital’s historic centre that are the subject of an urban regeneration plan called Piazze romane. Last June, six works created by RUFA students were placed in six sites in the Municipio I Roma Centro.

In these same areas, the Koefia students set up an equal number of dresses made by the students on the Fashion design course. The particular combination was consigned to the annals thanks to the support of the RUFA students from the School of Photography and Audiovisual who organised the work plan by interfacing directly with the stylists, perceiving not only their expectations but also the artistic message underlying the creation.


The dresses of the Koefia Archive were chosen by the heads of the two institutions on the basis of their chromatic and conceptual affinities, and the students of the School of Photography and Audiovisuals accepted the challenge, creating a trait d’union between the worn art and the installations, each supporting their own “story”, to be developed through photography.

It is unfortunate that the works set in the Trastevere district were excluded from this initiative, as they were vandalised and irreparably disfigured to the extent that they had to be removed for safety reasons. This unfortunate event opens the debate on the use of public art in Rome.


The cooperation between the students of different disciplines and institutes was total and fruitful, and was able to generate a fresh and comprehensible language that was able to tell their passion for art in its many facets.

The work, carried out over just two days, confronted the students with the difficulties of a difficult organisational process, carried out largely “on the road” at times that were not appropriate, but capable of conveying a Rome that was certainly not usual.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sara Galletta (@imsaga), Guido Leon Salerno Aletta (@wannaportrait), Giorgia Dramisino (@vinilicomecrepes), Leonardo Valdivia (@leodaimage), Francesca Senatore (@_imagefixe_)
PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANTS: Angelica Di Done (@angelicadidone_), Giorgia Dramisino, Sabina Ismailova (@_sbnia_), Sara Galletta, Guido Leon Salerno Aletta, Francesca Senatore, Leonardo Valdivia
DRESSES: Angela Lucci (@angelalucci), Anastasia Maria Del Vecchio (@amdwho), Valentina Zamai (@thezalentina), Stefano Minnucci (@stefanominnucci), Elisa Di Trocchio (@emiam), Ludovica Brisi (@ludo_brisi)
MODELS: Polyna Kharchenko (@poly_key), Francesco Pavoni (@francescopavonii), Flavia Sgroi (@flaviasgroi_)
MUA: Valerio Cicerchia (@valegram_makeup), Sara Vetrò (@_savetro)
HAIR STYLIST: Spettinati (@spettinati2.0)