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“The Queen of Hearts” at the Venice Biennale and also on Raiplay

“THE QUEEN OF HEARTS”, the transmedia project that won the third edition of the “Reality that Doesn’t Exist” contest, written and directed by Thomas Turolo, will be presented as a “special event” at the 78th edition of the Venice International Film Festival on Thursday 2 September at 7 p.m., also streamed live on Raiplay.

The project, produced by Manuela Cacciamani for One More Pictures and Gennaro Coppola for Direct2Brain with Rai Cinema, is highly innovative and consists of four different contents: a linear version (directed by Thomas Turolo), a VR360 version (directed by Diego Capitani), a social movie (directed by Emalloru – Emanuele Malloru) and a narrative video mapping (made by Direct2Brain and to be presented on 19 September at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome).

“The Queen of Hearts”

Starring Beatrice Vendramin, Mariasole Pollio, Cristiano Caccamo and with the extraordinary participation of Giuseppe Battiston, this short film focuses on a sadly topical subject among the very young: online challenges.

Alice, the protagonist, is 18 years old and afraid to fall asleep. Every night she relives the same nightmare, made up of endless races and terrible challenges in which she faces a disturbing Queen of Hearts. Art, friends and her boyfriend do not seem to be able to help her overcome a nightmare deeply linked to her past.

The soundtrack is by Aka7even with the tracks “I miss you” and “Black”. Ambassador of the project The 1982 World Champion, Antonio Cabrini.

The reality that doesn’t exist

The contest “The Reality That Doesn’t Exist”, whose partners include RUFA and whose jury includes the coordinating lecturer of the Multimedia arts and design course Caterina Tomeo, through its various editions investigates the world of youth, tackling relevant issues and themes

The new challenge for the screenwriters of the future was to tell the controversial world of digital, starting with the risks and threats hidden on the web and moving on to its potential resources and opportunities.

It is a true laboratory of innovation completely in support of the selected project, which comes to life through different channels, each with its own narrative value, conveying the public into one big multi-platform story.

A strongly innovative, circular and integrated project in which One More Pictures and Rai Cinema together with the authors worked closely together in all phases of the production process up to the coordinated multiplatform launch.