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Lecturer Davide Dormino’s exhibition in Rome

From 16 September, with the opening fixed at 6.30 pm, and until 24 October, at the Curva Pura space in via Giuseppe Acerbi 1a in Rome, it will be possible to admire the conceptual work by RUFA professor of the School of Visual Arts Davide Dormino entitled “Quello che non ho mai detto”, curated by Pietro Gaglianò.

The project focuses on the process of artistic creation, the condition of the artist, his solitude, the life of the work and the necessity of the external gaze for its existence. All this is summarised in an imposing sculpture that occupies the gallery and leaves the public free to choose whether or not to embark on a journey to get to know it. This object, which has almost the appearance of a tetragonous assertion, conceals a questioning nature, a profession of doubt on the part of the artist.

What is represented is the deep and shared bond that intimately interweaves Davide Dormino’s artistic career with that of the independent space Curva Pura which, in espousing and promoting “Quello non ho mai detto”, confirms its particular and daring vision of the contemporary.
“The first glance”, writes Pietro Gaglianò, “triggers a ramified range of references that includes the megalithic monuments of prehistory, Land art and, of course, Stanley Kubrick’s enigmatic monolith in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. The sculpture, which almost fits into the existing architecture, bringing it closer to its edges, its corners, to the point of obstruction or collision, presents itself to the observer with a similar load of tension and a silent, questioning force. The volume brings into play a potential physical conflict, almost aggressive, with its impregnable geometry, with its continuous, compact and apparently impenetrable surface. A hostility that coexists with a certain ideality of the work. The work, observed in this way, is a form that continues to happen, like the archaic and futuristic structures mentioned at the beginning, it evades time, it starts again at every step but without repeating itself”.

Davide Dormino’s research is mainly expressed through sculpture and drawing, experimenting with new forms through the lyrical and plastic possibilities of materials such as marble, bronze and iron. In his public art works we find a search for monumentality (“Poltergeist”, 2019) and for the taking possession of space (“Naviganti_Monumento all’immaginazione”, 2017). In addition, in all his works there is a search for meaning through reference to themes that are essential to man (“Atlante”, 2019). He has created environmental works in Italy and abroad, including “Breath” in 2011, commissioned by the United Nations, and “Anything to say? “, 2015, an itinerant sculpture dedicated to courage and freedom of expression that began its journey from Berlin (Alexanderplatz) on 1 May 2015, moving on to Dresden (Theatrerplatz, Ostrale), Geneva (Place des Nations), Paris (Place Georges Pompidou), Strasbourg (Place Klèber), Tours (Gare de Tours), Perugia (Piazza IV Novembre), Belgrade (Dev9t Festival), Ptuj-Slovenia (Art Stay Festival), Rome (Piazzale Aldo Moro), Spoleto (Piazza Campello), Berlin (Brandenburger Tor), Brussels (Place de la Monnaie), Cologne (Köln Cathedral), Geneva (Bain de Paquis).