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RUFA joins the Council of International Schools

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts is pleased to announce its membership within the CIS Council of International Schools, a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of international education and the fostering of global citizens.

Through the sharing of ideas and best practices for the mobility of international students, with the contribution of its more than 1300 members, the associated schools and universities of the CIS address very important issues and challenges for international mobility, ranging from the management of the current health emergency to protection of LGBTQ community rights, from the mental well-being of students and academic staff to the discussion on admission procedures over different regions.

Our growing community of International students, in which more than 28 different nationalities from all continents are represented, has been one of the main reasons for RUFA to join this association, to deepen the understanding of the needs of the International students, for a better management of Cultural Diversities and the importance of establishing a direct communication channel with the counsellors of the International High Schools, who have at heart the training and growth paths in the transition from school to the university of all those young talents who aspire to become the next great Creative.

For RUFA, the CIS membership, in addition to Cumulus Association for Art & Design Schools, is the commitment to raising the standards of services and the care of international students.

CIS Member Schools can contact RUFA for requesting an online information session about:
Academic Programs and Services offered by the Academy, the universe of creative careers in Italy and student life in Rome, Admission Procedures, Scholarship opportunities and financial aid available for international students, Art&Design Workshops for young students.

Write to International Guidance Office: