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Concorso “Sensuability & Comics”

The social promotion association “Nessunotocchimario” has published the announcement for participation in the fourth edition of the Contest “Sensuability & Comics”, which will take place from 25 October 2021 to 15 January 2022.

Now in its fourth edition, the project, conceived by Armanda Salvucci, president of “Nessunotocchimario”, aims to break down stereotypes about women.

Now in its fourth edition, the project, conceived and promoted by Armanda Salvucci, president of “Nessunotocchimario”, aims to break down stereotypes relating to sexuality and disability and encourage the freedom of expression of people subject to prejudice, proposing new languages and a new way of making culture that works through all forms of art: from cinematography to photography, painting, music and comics, to represent and see disability in another way.

The theme of the competition

The theme deals with the relationship between disability and sexuality under the banner of comics. Sexuality is an integral part of personality and a vital need. However, sex is often associated with appearance, with being physically attractive, concepts that feed a stereotype of the ‘beautiful and perfect’ body.

Disabled people are often considered infantile or even asexual. Through comics and illustrations, the aim is to raise public awareness, especially among the younger generations, on a complex issue, contributing to the creation of erotic imagery that describes bodies that are not perfect, but extremely sensual, using a language that no longer describes the disabled person as a victim or superhero.

The competition is open to first-time comics and illustration enthusiasts who have reached the age of 16. A beginner is defined as a non-professional author who does not have a work contract in the comics sector and who has never published with national publishers. Students of comics schools and authors who collaborate with fanzines are admitted.

Enrolment in the “Sensuability & Comics” competition

The entry to the competition is free and participation is individual. Those wishing to take part in the competition must create an original and edited work, in the form of an illustration or comic strip in which a “Sensuability” romantic scene is reworked, erotic or sensual scene from a famous advertising or one that is significant for the participant, placing protagonists with imperfect bodies at the centre of the scene but who express the beauty and the power of their diversity.

Works may be submitted in paper or electronic form and must comply with the following requirements:
– 1 to 3 illustrations for the Illustration section, 1 to 5 illustrations for the Comics section;
– free technique, free format as long as it does not exceed A3 format (30×42 cm);
– for the electronic version, pdf, tiff or jpeg formats are allowed, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

To take part in the competition, you must register by sending an email to, at the same time as sending your work in digital format by midnight on 15 January 2022. The information required to catalogue the work is: First name, Last name, title of the work and advertisement represented.

Incomplete entries or entries that do not meet the above conditions will not be admitted to the competition.

The winners of the competition will exhibit their works alongside those of renowned artists such as Fabio Magnasciutti, Daniel Cuello, Frida Castelli, Stefano Tartarotti, Federica Giglio, Virginia Cabras, Milo Manara and many others. La mostra si terrà dal 14 febbraio al 14 marzo 2022, alla Casa del Cinema di Roma.