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Photography and Audiovisual

Angelica Di Done for the ISSP 2022 agenda

Crossing national borders to reaffirm not only an idea, but also a working method. For Angelica Di Done, RUFA student of the School of Photography and Audiovisual, coordinated by the lecturer Michele Palazzi, this process has not only materialized, but thanks to the expressed purpose, will reverberate throughout 2022. The image “Luna quiete ser madre”, created by the young artist, was selected by a Latvian cultural association to be included in the ISSP 2022 Agenda, entitled “Back to the Roots”.

Angelica Di Done

Angelica was born in 1999 in Capurso, a small town in the province of Bari. She graduated from the technical institute for graphics and communication “R.Gorjux” in Bari, and in 2018 she began her studies at RUFA. She is currently a graduate of the photography course.

The photographic shot

The photographic shot, which attracted the attention of the selection committee, is part of a very ambitious research project that the artist has been conducting for several months. A Gypsy legend links the figure of the moon to that of the albino. Hence a series of contaminations, hypotheses and suggestions capable of proving this symbiosis.

One aspect present in all her works is diversity. Angelica tends to appreciate it from every point of view without giving weight to circumstance, be it physical or social. In this way, she establishes relationships with the subjects she photographs and is able to tell their stories in a more intimate and personal way.