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Projection Mapping call

The Ministry of Culture in Greece has opened the Projection Mapping call. The scheme called “DIKTIA”, organised by the Institute of Audiovisual Arts (IAVA) of the Research Centre “TEMENUS” of the University of West Macedonia Studies (UOWM), plans between 17 and 18 December 2021, a projection – event in the city of Florina on Gounari Palace.

Projection Mapping and Palazzo Gounari

The aim of the initiative is to connect the building’s history and unique architecture with a special show in which students and artists from all over the world will have the opportunity to present their work in one of the city’s most historic and significant places.

Gounari Palace was built in 1904 at the intersection of 103 Eleftherias Avenue and Bizaniou Street, parallel to the Florina River. It is a rectangular two-storey building with a basement that bears witness to the influence of French classicism. Over the years, the building has been the repository of many uses, mainly due to its privileged location and size.


The deadline for submitting project proposals is 21 November 2021. The selection of the projects participating in the Projection Mapping call for proposals will be carried out by a three-member committee appointed by the organisers. The selection criteria are based on the quality of the content, graphics and sound (if any), as well as the quality of the visual relationship that the graphics develop with the architecture of the building.

The mapping of the playouts will be the responsibility of the organisers while the duration will range from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 7 minutes. Successful candidates will be sent the guidelines for the presentation of their final material, which will be in the format of an “AUDIO-VIDEO MP4” with 2020X1080 px resolution with titles and credits.