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A Call to Remember Giorgio De Chirico

Thanks to the collaboration between the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Foundation and the Giorgio and Isa De Chirico Foundation, the “Prize for Contemporary Art – Theogony, Traces of the Future” has been created, a competition in memory of Giorgio De Chirico for young artists under 35 years of age aimed at highlighting the artist’s work.

The project is also supported by Civita Exhibitions and Museums. The collaboration between the two foundations stems from their commitment to create initiatives to promote and enhance the excellence of Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage.

The theme of the competition

Participants in the competition are called upon to confront the dimension of myth, in its broadest sense, in order to represent the complexity of the present, drawing inspiration from the work and intuition of master Giorgio de Chirico, one of the principal protagonists in the artistic history of the twentieth century.

In 1961, in fact, the master created a series of ten watercolours on commission from the Institute for Industrial Reconstruction (IRI) that interpreted realities such as Finmeccanica, Finelettrica, Fincantieri, Autostrade and RAI using the Finelettrica and Autostrade, Finelettrica, Fincantieri, the company Autostrade and the RAI using the metaphor of the myths of Ancient Greece. Just as Giorgio de Chirico did in his works, which are still part of the CDP Group’s art collection, the young artists will be invited to decipher the present through the antique, foreseeing possible future scenarios.

The candidates

Individual or collective artists residing in Italy, between the ages of 18 and 35, who have completed or are still undergoing training in the visual arts or who have already embarked on a creative career may apply.

The Jury

The jury is called upon to select three works that will become part of the permanent collection of CDP Foundation: the first prize will be awarded in the amount of €10,000, €6,000 for the second and €4,000 for the third.

Competition entries can only be made online, as specified in the call for entries, on the Theogony Art Prize site, and will be open from 8 November 2021 until 28 January 2022.

The selection of winners will take place from 1 to 18 February 2022. “Theogony, Traces of the Future” will conclude with an exhibition of the competition’s winning works, the details of which are still being defined.