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Rome Independent Film Festival

RUFA and the Rome Independent Film Festival have launched a collaboration that, starting from the twentieth edition of the event, will allow members of the community to participate in some specific initiatives of the kermesse.

Scheduled from 18 to 26 November, the RIFF will be held in Rome at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila (via l’Aquila 66), the Cinema Troisi (via Girolamo Induno 1) and the Apollo 11 (via Bixio 80). Since its first editions, the Festival has had the merit of bringing hundreds of international titles to Italy, contributing to an important scouting of Italian indie cinema and foreign cinema, and creating a body of innovative proposals of immense cultural importance, both for cinephiles and for students and professionals in the film industry.

The masterclasses and focuses attended by experts and professionals from the film industry are particularly popular. These initiatives have historically attracted the interest of both students of the seventh art and professionals.

Particularly rich is the section of titles from Spain, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, from Lebanon and Germany, offering viewers glimpses of new worlds, insights into social issues or intimate and political narratives.

For RUFA Community there are special facilities, both to attend the screenings and to participate in the masterclasses. To get accredited, please send an email to doc@riff.it with your name, surname and the screening/masterclass you wish to attend.

International documentaries and masterclasses programme of Rome Independent Film Festival


Masterclass with Lorenzo Giroffi

Collina della Pace Library – Via Bombietro 16 – 11 am
From reportage to fiction. During the masterclass we will try to illustrate, with clips of videos made in the last ten years (revolutions, conflicts, human rights, environmental crises, investigations), the field work useful for the construction of a reportage.

Zero Gravity by Thomas Verrette, USA, 2021, 75′

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 1 – 4.15 pm
Synopsis: Zero Gravity is a powerful and thought-provoking story about education, science and the next generation. Seen through the astonished eyes of three different middle school students and their first teacher, they each take an intimate and personal journey into space when they embark on a competition against teams from across the nation to code satellites aboard the International Space Station.

El Fulgor by Martín Farina, Argentina, 2021, 65′

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 1 – 10.15 pm – Director in the projection room
Synopsis: carnival is coming. We witness the ritual of “cleaning the flesh” performed by the “gauchos” who unfold their knives. The bucolic landscape mingles with the city streets. Slowly, everything fills up with colours, feathers and half-naked men. Masks begin to cover faces and alcohol uninhibits.


Masterclass with Gergely Poharnok

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 3 – 4.30 pm
Cinematographer Poharnok will share his experience on how to translate a screenplay into images. The infinite possibilities of visual interpretation and how to collaborate with the director will be discussed. The masterclass lasts two hours during which photographs and clips will be shown in addition to the author’s narration.

In My Skin by Toni Venturi & Val Gomes Brazil, 2021, 86′

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 3 – 10.30 pm
Synopsis: a doctor mistaken for a thief. A cleaning lady treated like a slave. A mother who lost her son murdered by the police. A trans employee who never gets promoted. What do they have in common? Skin colour. A reflection on the deep-rooted racism in Brazil.


Everything at once (Paco & Manolo’s gaze) by Alberto Fuguet, Chile/Spain, 2021, 102′

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 1 – 6.15 pm
Synopsis: a film-essay about a peculiar couple of artists Paco & Manolo, Catalan photographers from the outskirts of Barcelona who have been working and living together for three decades now. The two fuse individual gazes and imagery, until they become those of a single photographer. All their images are part of Kink magazine, a photographic fanzine they founded and which is now successful throughout Europe, a space for a homoerotic and essentially Mediterranean aesthetic.


Clown’s Planet by Hector Carré, Spain, 2021, 75′

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 1 – 6.15 pm – Director in the projection room
Synopsis: the director shows the world of clown activists from refugee camps in Palestine, through a church dedicated to a rubber duck in Madrid, to orphanages in Russia, to becoming a clown himself, within a group led by Patch Adams. The documentary leads us to reflect on faith, magic, laughter, love and the healing power conveyed by the clown’s attitude towards life.

Masterclass with Anja Strelec

Nuovo Cinema Acquila – Sala 3 – 6.30 pm
The masterclass will cover topics such as storytelling, photography, locations, interviews and documentary techniques, through two documentaries currently in production: “Dove sono finiti tutti i sorrisi”, set in Nepal, about migrant workers who leave their country in search of a better life, and “Khadia”, a film that shows the story of a young Senegalese girl, victim of an early marriage and genital mutilation. During the masterclass, activities will be carried out in small groups and, in an international environment, topics will be discussed such as: the director’s approach to complex themes and the importance of both technical and creative aspects in the realisation of a narrative.

Miguel´s War by Eliane Raheb, Lebanon/Germany/Spain, 2021, 128′

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 1 – 8.15 pm – Cast in the projection room
The documentary, winner of the Teddy Awards at the Berlinale 2021, will be presented by Wieland Speck, director of the Panorama section of the Berlinale, in the presence of the protagonist Miguel Jelelaty.
Synopsis: in this portrait articulated in both form and content, a gay man confronts the ghosts of his past and explores hidden desires, unrequited love and tormented guilt. Miguel was born in 1963 to a conservative Lebanese Catholic father and an authoritarian mother from a wealthy Syrian family. Numerous conflicts over his national, religious and sexual identity forced him to flee to Spain at the age of 20. In post-Francoist Madrid, where he lived an openly gay existence, his life resembled one long Almodóvarian orgy, full of excesses and the breaking of sexual taboos. This period will be followed first by a collapse and then by a rebirth.

Little Satchmo by John Alexander, USA, 2021, 61′

Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Sala 3 – 8.30 pm – Producer in the projection room
Synopsis: There was never a time in Sharon’s childhood that Louis Armstrong wasn’t a part of, but the kind of bond between the two wasn’t shown beyond familiar boundaries. In the public fanfare surrounding Ambassador Satch, no one but the immediate family and friends knew of Sharon’s existence. Despite constant celebrations of Armstrong’s life and career, the evidence of the family relationship between Sharon and her father was always ignored by every historical record.